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Conspiracy to disturb the peace of the country wanting

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JUMAZA/GF/VO.2/014 19/05/2014
HON ,Dr . Ali Mohamed Shein ,President of Zanzibar and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council ,palace ,
Assalam Alaykum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh .
Kuh : conspiracy wanted to disturb peace to the country .
Mr. President , with great respect I beg relevant to the topic above.
First of all we thank Allah ( SW ) who tujaalia -Muslims since without his guidance we would never have converted . Prayers and peace be upon our Prophet and our beloved Muhammad ( SAW ), his family, his Companions and those who followed them in goodness until the Day of Judgment .
Mr. President ,
Community Zanzibar Imams ( JUMAZA ) is an Islamic organization NGO registered in June / 2003 and received phone No. 199. Goal of the introduction is to unite all Muslims JUMAZA of Zanzibar in order to be united and work together in service to Islam in order to achieve future good of our society, as defined in Article 3 of the Constitution of JUMAZA :
" Great general objective is to bring the Union and Zanzibar mshikamanao Muslim and strike action in Progress "
Mr. President ,
With great respect , we take this opportunity to submit our advice to you with regard to the future of our country Zanzibar we liked. JUMAZA as an Islamic organization believes it has a duty to provide advice to our leaders and especially since they are our brothers in Islam .

We have taken this action after seeing in these days recently have come out publicly some politicians are threatening the future , prosperity, peace , stability and solidarity of Muslims and Zanzibaris in general to give statements excitation clearly , discrimination and abuse of the public to feel they have this is the civilization and culture of Wanzanzibari frames . This linastua and horrible , mostly due to the adoption by the leaders who are supposed to be followed and criteria should not be otherwise.
Mr. President ,
's Recent history reminds us that Zanzibar started getting into great political turmoil immediately after the introduction of multiparty system in the country. This new approach contrary to the expectations of many Zanzibaris that would stir up the pace of development of our country conversely brought great pain and tragedy for the citizens of our country . Politics of hatred , hostility and tension arising between the two major parties here in the ruling CCM and the main opposition party CUF brought disaster and destruction for over ten years ( 10 ) from 1995 to 2009 .
Mr. President ,
These politicians and political tensions led zilizopaliliwa citizens separation, break their unity of faith , killing kuvunjiana honor their divorce , kugomeana in social activities and ritual reach up kususiana at funerals. Disaster politics of violence reached its peak in 2001 with possible high blood bath for hundreds of innocent Zanzibaris who shot fire at peaceful demonstrations in Pemba and Unguja . In addition the blood bath was followed by misconduct and brutal in the history of our country , including the looting of property, rape girls in front of their parents and wives of people in front of their husbands, others so unjustly .
Mr. President ,
Various efforts within and outside the country were made to find a solution to the political crisis in Zanzibar. However, these efforts did not succeed as well as spending a lot of money in this environment , the Muslims came out together to give their position that politicians have failed to bring a solution to maeleweano so the only way is to return to our religion . Mr. Amani Abeid Karume, President of Zanzibar who was then accepted the call and convene a meeting of religious leaders held the White House . Mr. Peace had told Sheikh and his determination Religious leaders wanting to bring harmony to Zanzibar and removes the politics of violence . Religious clerics and leaders unanimously backed achieve this by promising to cooperate and achieve the goal .
Mr. President ,
JUMAZA in turn took responsibility for calling Shaykhs and Imams in different forums to achieve harmony of Zanzibar . Important resolution is reached in the session, to convene a national petition towards Allah ( SW ) to repent and ask her nusra . For taufiki Allah, Dua was held at the end of the month of January 2010 in the grounds of Maisara Suleiman where thousands of Muslims of both sects , all ages , both sexes , and all parties have raised their hands and ask Allah ( SW ) to strangely taufiki our understanding .
Mr. President ,
Deserves praise Allah ( SW ) who responded to our plea for taufiki in our pursuit. Moreover , Allah ( SW ) had united the hearts of our leaders , former Vice Chairman of C, CM Zanzibar Amani Abeid Karume Mr. and CUF Secretary General Seif Sharif Hamad , who spent all their might manage to compromise.
Mr. President ,
This event likutofautiana and the story of Aus and Khazraj tribes who were the enemies of the Muslims to fight the war as it was in Zanzibar. This story is described briefly in the following paragraphs : -
" And hold fast to the rope ( religion ) of Allah ( SW ) , all of you , do not leave and remember the favor of Allah ( SW ) on you . (Old) you were enemies , then He united your hearts so by His favor you became brothers .......................... " (Aal - Imran 103 )
Mr. President ,
Muslims and certainly Wazanzibarii agreed compromise solution and that's why sixty percent point nine six supports the establishment of the Government of National Unity ( Suk ). Mr. President , we are all witnesses Suk wins , including the maintenance of peace , stability , harmony , cooperation and unity among Zanzibaris . In addition Suk has created a conducive environment where our country has made great strides in development under your leadership , Allah continue to give you good ilhamu know the rights and enforce them .
Mr. President ,
JUMAZA I am surprised , shocked and very disappointed with some of the politicians who fought Suk and giving statements clearly and determination to send private motion in the House of Representatives to remove Suk and simply ask you personal forces to hand in their plots which will be directed Zanzubar in a hot rainy season is inevitable .
Mr. President ,
These politicians who care about their personal interests and focus their hearts in the politics of hate and not convinced they intend to restore us where we came from in the politics of violence , hatred and enmity .
JUMAZA states clearly that they are the enemies of Zanzibar and Zanzibar and are eligible beaten war. In addition , Mr. President , we can assure you that Muslims and Wazanzibarii not ready to be restored there in any case.
Mr. President ,
With respect JUMAZA reminds our leaders remember that they took on a promise in front of Allah ( SW ) to protect Wazanzibarii harmony , stability and peace of the country . So we ask those politicians controlled in the interests of Zanzibar. In addition , our leaders and politicians should remember that they will be " Accounting " in front of Allah ( SW ) for any disaster to happen under their leadership and understand that Zanzibar is not a property of any party politics but a Wanzibari all anywhere.
Mr. President , last JUMAZA holds the promise to cooperate with you our leaders of the country to maintain peace , harmony and unity . In addition we urge our national leaders , Muslims and Zanzibaris put before the interests of our beloved country Zanzibar.
Our Lord, we pray Almighty Zanzibar and Zanzibar protect against internal and external enemies who desires good.
Natanguliza sincere gratitude .
Your brother in Islam .
Zubeir Muhiddin Muhiddin
Executive Secretary - JUMAZA

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