Friday, October 9, 2015

RUTO hires new “militia” and gives them desks at his office along Harambee Avenue - LOOK

7:42:00 PM - By Hisia 0

The Jubilee Government has reportedly employed 36 new bloggers to challenge CORD Coalition’s bloggers who have for the past one month beaten Jubilee Government at their own game.

According to a source at the DP’s office, the online militia has been given a three year contract to unleash terror on all perceived Government critics.

The team comprises mainly of young graduates and is based at Deputy President William Ruto’s office. Their job description is to respond to unfavourable tweets from critics and they will also blog for a new Government website Nexus.

CORD Coalition bloggers, who are more organized than Jubilee bloggers, have for the past one month out-muscled Jubilee and that is the reason they had to hire the younger bloggers.

It is not yet clear on whether this Jubilee bloggers will beat the experience CORD bloggers who are even respected outside the country

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