Saturday, February 24, 2018

What Happened When This Mom Wrote About Hating Her Baby Online

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Whether or not you’ve have kids, you're probably aware that delivering one ain’t easy. What about the hardships that come after birth, though? Tons of new moms keep quiet about how challenging it is to care for an infant, but one woman challenged that silence when she aired her frustrations on the UK parenting site last week—and got a slew of empathetic responses.

Titling her post “I Hate My Baby,” the anonymous mama promised readers that her child is safe with her, but she is at a loss for how to handle his behavior. “He cries all day and all night he sleeps a total of around 4/24 hours all day the rest of it he is crying,” she wrote. “He cries when I’m feeding him. He cries when I’m holding him.”

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